Picture this: your mind is like a room jam-packed with all sorts of junk – anxiety lurking in the shadows, worries stacked like a game of Jenga ready to topple, and stress hanging in the air like a heavy fog. It’s a chaotic mess, right? You’ve tried the usual remedies—going to church, saying a prayer here and there—but that sense of peace still feels out of reach.

Sometimes, despite our earnest efforts, the relief we seek remains elusive, and the darkness in our lives continues to loom large. In these moments of doubt and questioning, it’s easy to feel disconnected and adrift. Maybe you’ve had those moments questioning whether your prayers are even being heard.

But what if the secret to unlocking inner peace lies not in frantic attempts to remove the chaos, but in embracing a radical shift in perspective—the concept of “subtraction by addition”?

Instead of stressing over decluttering your mental space all by yourself, why not invite the Holy Spirit into the mix? It’s like opening the windows wide and letting in God’s goodness—love, grace, and strength all pouring in. You don’t have to be solely responsible for removing all the bad things. Like filtering water, you can let your negativity be removed by the addition of all the good things God has to offer.

As you welcome God’s presence with open arms, something remarkable begins to happen. The heaviness of sin, anger, anxiety, and more starts to lift, like stale air dissipating to make way for a fresh breeze. By adding God’s infinite goodness to your life, you inadvertently subtract the layers of worry and doubt that have weighed you down for so long. It’s a paradoxical dance of release and embrace, of letting go and receiving, that leads to profound transformation from the inside out.

Embrace the idea of making room for God’s light to flood in, displacing the shadows of sin, and filling your soul with a sense of calm and renewal. Trust in the process, surrender to the unfolding of divine grace, and watch as the clutter of worry gives way to the clarity of faith.

Remember that healing is not a solitary pursuit; it is a sacred partnership between your seeking heart and the Lord. May you find courage in vulnerability, strength in surrender, and peace in the knowledge that you are held in the palm of a compassionate, guiding hand. Embrace the transformative power of subtraction by addition, trust in the process, roll with the changes, and who knows—you might just find that peace you’ve been craving all along.