In the journey of faith, there comes a point where we question whether our imperfections disqualify us from being used by God. This sentiment often stems from personal struggles, guilt, physical quirks, or simply feeling inadequate compared to others.

Yet, the truth lies in our willingness to surrender these imperfections and allow God to work through them for His glory.

It’s common for us to have reservations about our past or our circumstances. There are times when we question whether God can use us, despite our shortcomings. It’s a part of us that sometimes feels more like a distraction than a vessel for His message.

But through this journey, we can learn that God doesn’t necessarily remove our handicaps; instead, He empowers us to manage, overcome, and even embrace them for His purpose.

It’s a lesson in obedience – a willingness to serve despite our perceived limitations. We may plead for God to take away our struggles, but His response is a gentle reminder that

His strength is made perfect in our weakness.

He doesn’t require perfection; He requires obedience. Are you willing to let God use you, even with your flaws? Are you willing to step into the role of an unlikely hero, like Ehud, who despite being crippling left-handed, was used mightily by God?

It’s not about comparing ourselves to others or feeling inadequate; it’s about surrendering to God’s plan and trusting that He can use even the most unlikely candidates for His purpose.

We may face obstacles, uncertainties, and our own imperfections, but we have to remember that there is a greater plan at work. If we allow, trust, and obey God to use our circumstances, we can have a deeper story and faith to share with others. We’ll be able to say God did this, EVEN THOUGH I was like this.

His grace and strength is not contingent on our abilities. It’s our inability that speaks loud when we let God take the lead.

So, today, let’s embrace our imperfections and allow God to use them as instruments of His grace. Whether it’s how you look, how you feel, a past mistake, or a feeling of inadequacy, know that God can and will use you if you are obedient. You may be surprised at the extraordinary ways He can work through your weaknesses for His glory.