We’ve been called to serve the world. It’s hard to do that when we’re focused on our backyards. Here are 5 different ways to embrace a global care mindset.

Establish a Daily Global Prayer Routine:

Intentionally take some time to regularly pray for specific global needs and challenges. Dedicate time to intercede for communities in distant lands, shifting your focus from personal desires to the well-being of the broader world. Create a prayer list that includes regions facing crises, marginalized populations, and areas in need of humanitarian aid.

Take Action Today:

Embrace the sense of urgency in serving others by taking concrete actions today. Volunteer at local organizations, support international charities, or initiate community service projects that contribute to addressing global issues. Make a conscious effort to not postpone acts of kindness and generosity, understanding the profound impact timely assistance can have on those in need.

Respond with Love:

Embody compassion in your interactions by actively responding to the needs of those around you. Emulate the compassionate actions of Jesus by demonstrating empathy, kindness, and understanding towards individuals facing challenges. Engage in acts of service that go beyond words, focusing on practical ways to alleviate suffering and spread love in your immediate sphere of influence.

Think Globally, Act Locally:

Not everyone can travel the world, but we can support those who do while also not neglecting our local missions. Recognize the synergy between local efforts and global impact by engaging in community service projects that align with broader humanitarian goals. Participate in local charity events, contribute to international aid organizations, and support initiatives that address global issues like poverty, education, and healthcare. Embrace the interconnectedness of caring for both your immediate community and the world at large.

Show Up, Participate, and Make a Difference:

Be present and actively involved in initiatives that promote positive change locally and globally. Attend volunteer opportunities, community events, and charity drives to physically engage in service activities. By actively participating in meaningful causes, you can make a tangible difference in the lives of others, demonstrating your commitment to serving humanity with compassion and dedication.

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