Have you ever seen a child try on their parent’s shoes? It’s a comical sight, isn’t it? Their little feet shuffling around in oversized footwear, trying to imitate the ones they look up to. It’s not unlike our journey of walking in love as children of God.

We don’t know what size shoe you wear, but just imagine brandishing a giant shoe, flopping around with every step you take. We sometimes try to fill shoes that are too big for us. Just like a child slipping into their parent’s shoes, we may find ourselves clumsily attempting to walk in a love that feels beyond our capacity.

But here’s the beautiful truth: God doesn’t expect us to have it all figured out from the start. He doesn’t demand perfection; instead, He invites us to grow into the love He has shown us. A parent seeing their child wear big shoes doesn’t reprimand them. They don’t yell and complain; they just admire the attempt.

Just as a parent delights in watching their child mimic their footsteps, God rejoices when we endeavor to walk in His love, even if we stumble along the way.

Walking in love is not about achieving flawless perfection. It’s about daily choosing to trust God and sacrificially love others, just as Christ loved us. It’s about embracing the journey of becoming more like Him, one step at a time.

When Jesus beckons us to “take up our own cross,” He’s not asking us to bear the weight of the world’s salvation on our shoulders. Instead, He calls us to surrender our selfish desires and trust Him as our Savior. He sacrificed Himself out of love for us, and now He equips us with the same love to share with others.

Yes, the shoes may seem dauntingly large, but God doesn’t leave us unequipped. He provides us with the perfect fit, tailor-made for each of us to walk in love according to our unique calling and abilities. All we need to do is choose to put them on, to embrace His love, and to step forward in faith.

So, if you ever feel like you’re stumbling around in shoes too big to fill, take heart. God sees your efforts, your attempts to love as He loves, and He delights in your journey.

Keep walking, keep trusting, and keep choosing love. For in the end, it’s not about how perfectly we walk, but about the heart that motivates every step we take in His love.