When it comes to our desires and ambitions, sometimes it’s not enough to rely on mere enthusiasm. We may start off with great excitement, but soon find ourselves struggling to keep up the momentum. It is during these moments that discipline becomes our most valuable companion.

Our discipline has to carry us when desire won’t.

We must be committed and disciplined, even when the initial fervor fades away. It is through discipline that we can acquire a taste for what truly matters.

God invites us to

“Taste and see that the Lord is good.”

Psalm 34:8

Just as there are certain things we might initially refuse to try because they seem unappealing, there are spiritual aspects of life that we might overlook or dismiss. However, over time and with perseverance, we can develop an appreciation for these things, realizing their true value.

Consider the example of giving up soda and opting for water instead. Initially, you might not enjoy the taste of plain water as much as you do soda or coffee. But if you commit yourself to drinking water consistently, your body will gradually adapt and crave it over time. Your palate will adjust, and eventually, you’ll find yourself preferring water over sugary beverages. Acquiring a taste requires discipline in the beginning but offers long-term benefits.

The same principle applies spiritually. If we have the Holy Spirit within us—craving spiritual nourishment—it is essential that we feed ourselves with wholesome content rather than indulging in spiritual junk food. This requires self-discipline—a conscious decision to prioritize what truly matters in our spiritual journey.

Imagine a person who constantly feeds themselves with shallow entertainment or superficial pursuits—always seeking temporary gratification rather than seeking after God’s truth and wisdom. To develop a taste for deeper spiritual understanding and fulfillment requires intentional effort on their part—to let go of instant gratification and embrace what truly nourishes their soul.

Initially, this shift may feel challenging—the allure of quick fixes tempting them at every turn. But as they persist in disciplining their mind and heart, focusing on what truly matters, they will begin to notice a change within themselves. The spiritual junk food that once held an irresistible appeal will lose its luster. They will find themselves craving the wisdom and truth that only spiritual nourishment can provide.

Just as acquiring a taste for healthy food leads to improved physical well-being, acquiring a taste for spiritual things leads to greater spiritual growth and fulfillment.

It is through discipline and commitment that we develop this taste—a taste for the things that truly matter, the things that bring us closer to God.

In this journey of acquiring a taste for the Lord’s goodness, it is crucial not to underestimate the power of discipline. Discipline allows us to push past momentary cravings and desires in pursuit of something greater—something that will truly satisfy our souls.

So let us commit ourselves to the pursuit of spiritual nourishment, to feeding on God’s Word, seeking His presence through prayer, and engaging in meaningful acts of service. Let us discipline ourselves even when our desires waver or when our old habits beckon us back into their grasp.

For it is through discipline that we acquire a taste—a taste for the Lord’s goodness, a taste for the things that truly matter. And as we continue on this journey with steadfast commitment, we will find ourselves transformed—no longer longing for empty pleasures but instead reveling in the abundance of God’s love and truth.

Taste and see—taste and see that indeed, the Lord is good.