As we adjust to writing the correct date and remembering that it’s actually 2024, it is essential to take a moment to reflect on our perspectives and how they shape our lives. Just like a pair of glasses can correct our vision, so too can we benefit from seeing life through corrective lenses. But what exactly does that mean?

Often, we view the world through distorted lenses, clouded by past experiences, fears, and insecurities. Our perspectives become skewed, affecting the way we perceive ourselves and others. This is where God’s guidance becomes crucial. He provides us with the perfect prescription to see things clearly.

Just as we trust an optometrist to guide us in choosing the right glasses for our physical vision, we must trust God to guide us in choosing the right perspective for our spiritual vision. He sees beyond our limited understanding and knows what is best for us.

In order to truly see through corrective lenses, we must be open to change. Sometimes it is tempting to hold onto our old ways of thinking because they feel comfortable or familiar. However, growth requires stepping out of our comfort zones and trying on new glasses.

God may lead us down unexpected paths or challenge long-held beliefs in order to broaden our understanding and expand our horizons. It takes courage to embrace these changes and allow God’s truth to reshape our perspectives.

Imagine wearing a pair of glasses that not only correct your vision but also give you a clearer insight into yourself and others. With these corrective lenses provided by God, you can begin seeing people as He sees them – with love and compassion.

When we view others through these lenses, it becomes easier to encourage them on their journey. We realize that everyone faces challenges in life, just as we do ourselves. Our own struggles become an opportunity for empathy rather than self-pity.

Speaking words of hope and encouragement into someone else’s life requires courage and humility. It means putting aside our own concerns and focusing on lifting others up. But in doing so, we not only brighten someone else’s day, but we also find strength and inspiration ourselves.

So, as we journey through this new year, let us remember to see through corrective lenses. Let us be open to change and willing to embrace new perspectives that align with God’s truth. And let us take courage in encouraging others, knowing that our words have the power to uplift and transform lives.

Our vision may be clouded by past experiences or limited perspectives, but with God’s guidance, we can gain a clearer understanding of ourselves and those around us. He can use us to encourage others on their journey while finding strength for our own. So let us step forward into this new year with open hearts and a willingness to see things differently – through the corrective lenses provided by God Himself.