Have you ever wondered how to better connect with the Holy Spirit, the divine presence that dwells within a follower of Christ? Well, this Sunday, we learned an incredible perspective. In the Greek Bible, the Holy Spirit is referred to as “Parakletos.” If you’re having trouble remembering that word, just simply think about putting on a Pair-of-cleats. It may seem unusual, but we must put on our “Parakletos cleats” to maintain a firm footing in our faith.

In sports like soccer, football, or baseball, having the right footwear is essential to maintain a firm grip. Likewise, we, as Christians, need a strong connection to the Holy Spirit, our “Parakletos,” who resides within us. Without this connection, we risk losing our footing in our faith journey. The cleats serve as a reminder to keep a steady grip on the Holy Spirit and allow Him to get a grip on us.

It’s fascinating to note that the term “Parakletos” has military origins in Greek culture. Just as soldiers didn’t venture into battle haphazardly, we shouldn’t approach our spiritual battles carelessly. Instead, we must learn to wield the “sword” of the Bible with precision and wisdom, much like skilled soldiers in battle.

In Greek military strategy, soldiers would partner with a “Parakletos,” who had their backs. They would stand back to back, each defending against threats from a different direction. In this same way, you have a divine partner within you – the Holy Spirit. But to fully benefit from His presence, you must actively seek Him and trust that God has your back in your spiritual battles.

As you go about your week, don’t forget to put on your “Parakletos cleats.” Remember the significance of the Holy Spirit within you and allow Him to strengthen your footing in your faith journey. Embrace the wisdom of wielding the sword of the Bible skillfully, just like those skilled Greek warriors. And always trust that, just like the Parakletos had the backs of soldiers, God has your back in all circumstances. Stay connected to the Holy Spirit, and you’ll find strength and guidance for every step of your Christian walk.