In our journey of faith, it is crucial to understand the true meaning of commitment. We often find ourselves committed to the wrong things, placing value on lesser pursuits. Today, we’ll explore the significance of commitment and how it relates to our relationship with God and our service to others.

Commitment is not a foreign concept to us. We inherently grasp its meaning. However, we frequently misplace our commitment, investing in things of lesser importance. Let’s consider a peculiar illustration: a hen and a pig who read a sermon advertisement asking, “What can we do to help the poor?” The hen suggests feeding them bacon and eggs, but the pig recognizes a flaw. For the hen, it requires a small contribution, but for the pig, it demands total commitment. Similarly, we often have no trouble committing others to a cause, but when it comes to sacrificially contributing ourselves, we hesitate.

Romans 12:1-2 reminds us to “offer our bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God.” It’s quite difficult to sacrifice something only partially. We have to surrender our lives completely to God. We must not conform and get distracted by the patterns of this world.

In our day to day, many of us are overcommitted, burdened by endless to-do lists. However, it’s essential to create a “to-don’t” list, allowing us to delegate tasks and avoid unnecessary burdens. We need to realize that committing to everything is neither feasible nor wise. Sometimes, we need to discern where our true commitments lie and prioritize accordingly. It’s crucial to understand that commitment begins with us as individuals, being committed to the right things, and giving our all to the Lord.

Our commitment shouldn’t be measured by comparing ourselves to others. Instead, we should evaluate if we are giving our all to the Lord. Our gifts and abilities may differ, but the question remains: Are we doing everything as unto Him and not unto men? We must avoid the trap of doing things merely because others expect it of us. Overcommitment, even in good endeavors, can arise when we fill gaps left by others. The remedy lies in each individual stepping up to fulfill their calling and utilizing their God-given gifts.

God calls us to total commitment because half-heartedness falls short. Partial obedience is, in essence, disobedience. Yoda, the famous Jedi theologian, reminds us, “Do or do not, there is no try.” We often find ourselves straddling the fence, afraid of missing out or waiting for others to take the lead. Today, let us shift the focus from others to ourselves and evaluate our personal commitment to Jesus. Where do we stand? Are we doing what He wants us to do? Are we serving as He desires?

Commitment holds immense power in our Christian walk. It requires us to align our priorities with God’s will, surrendering ourselves completely to Him. Let us reflect on our commitments, ensuring they reflect our devotion to God and our dedication to serving others. By embracing total commitment, we unleash the transformative potential of faith and become catalysts for positive change in our communities. May we each rise to the challenge, stepping up in faith and embracing the call to wholehearted commitment to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.