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All the best! Apart from that just leave it in a bright location and be sure not to water too much and it should sprout back! It grows new leaves well, but hasn’t seemed to get any taller. So I am definitely going ti notch them.i took them outside for the summer. and then propagate the top (which would be around 80cm in soil or water…..or 2. should I cut the top a little just below the ceiling, to stop growing up the sky light, and then should I notch it lower down the stem? We are embarrassed to admit that we didn’t know how to care for it. At the start of the growing season, remove them from their pot and carefully separate the roots, giving each plant an appropriate root ball for its size (If you have to cut the roots apart, make sure each plant has a root ball respective to the plant’s size). Hey Chloe, thanks so much for your comment! When you decide to repot, get a good quality soil mix or ask for a mix that allows for good drainage. This time last year I had this amazingly tall fiddle leaf fig… Look at how glorious he was! Two or three a day. Thanks! Either take the plant out of the basket when you water, or add in a pot plant dish / tray that the water can drain into. I saw a picture of a fiddle fig on line that looked like a tree so I decided to get rid of the leaves on the bottom part of the plant to reveal the trunk. Thank you very much for all of the good information that you have provided about Fiddle Figs. The leaves look aweful drooping and are very dark green/brown. Hey Carolyn! Can I just cut the trunk back to where I want it? Hi Emily, As FLFs get older they can lose some of their lower leaves automatically as well. I’m more than sure I have underwatered it because I read somewhere to only giveback it 3 cups of water at a time. 2nd day in she said a few leaves have fallen. If it takes a long time to drain or nothing comes out the bottom, this could be sign the soil isn’t well-draining. Hope that helps! I made my own potting mix using the 5:1:1 ratio but I think they don’t have enough roots to suck up the moisture fast enough. Other than that, I would just make sure your FLF is getting enough light as sometimes the leaves will turn towards light. Firstly, don’t remove the lower leaves! Thanks for your comment. Its in side now because I live in ohio. Hi! Are they considered suckers like on other plants? The tallest shoot has been growing ferociously over spring/summer with large leaves at the top. Do you have any advice on how to get my fiddle leaf growth more dense? Any ideas? I have tried to cut the tips hoping it will start a new branch from the trunk but it does not. Even after 2 weeks the top 2 inches of soil is still pretty wet. Dossier Blog is a collection of notes on and about creativity, travel & style. As long as the rest of your plant is healthy and not getting any brown spots, I don’t think there’s cause for concern! This is because FLFs like to be snug in pots, and they will generally work to grow their roots in a larger pot rather than putting energy into growing leaves up top. Too late. Spring going into Summer is the best time to do this. its such a shame because its a tall tree (almost 7 ft) but the leaves are so small and sparse. (more details and explanation of propagating here). Pruning your Fiddle Leaf Fig. Hello! Was very useful. When leaves do grow, it is more likely to lean from the weight of the leaf. This indoor tree type plant grows over 15 metres tall in it's natural habitat and up to 3 metres indoors, although they can be topped to prevent them growing taller. I enjoy your website and blog tremendously. Thank you! One way is to nip off the tip / top few leaves of the trunk to encourage new growth. Pruning the branches will encourage the branch to back-bud, which means they’ll end up bushier. Is it possible that the tall bare stems will then put out new growth? If the stem is still living, give it time, lots of bright light and I’m sure it will activate growth again! My FLF has some leaves with brown tips. You could try making a splint for the branch to keep it straight – if you don’t want to lose it and it’s still alive, or you could just cut it. I felt uncomfortable cutting it down to a three or four foot height. So, allow’s obtain a sharp pair of trimming shears in hand as well as find out just how to trim fiddle leaf fig. My concern is that the branches will get longer and grow but the joint at the trunk will always be at the same height, or the trunk itself wont get any taller because the top of it just stops. Small growth from the bottom is fairly common but they may never reach full size like the rest of the plant so removing them is up to you . Hi Emily, Thanks for the post, very helpful. Its May now and i have new leaves coming like crazy!!!!!! 2. That’s a great question. And I hope your symptoms get better – hopefully you will be able to keep your tree , Dear Emily, Copyright Leaf Group Ltd. // Leaf Group Lifestyle. But it is up to you! But I only water when the top soil (2 knuckles deep) is dry (when pinched, there’s no water/moisture). Pruning is the key to getting your fiddle leaf fig tree to branch out in different directions. My very small FLF trunk sprouted almost double it’s length in a matter of days and then 2 new leaves appeared but now there is a significant large gap between leaves, any suggestions? If the water can’t drain out, it will jeopardise your FLF’s health! Love it! Help! You might want to prune the tip to encourage new growth – when you do this, it’s a good sign if sap oozes from the cut as this shows the stem is still living. Hi Kali, thanks for your comment! When the leaves are growing close together, that’s actually a good sign! Let me know how you go! There are two ways you can propagate – by planting the cutting straight into soil, or by placing the cutting in water for a few weeks or so, until roots start to grow. The tree itself has two tall branches, and the only leaves are at the top- about 3 or 4 on each branch. Hope that helps! When you buy a FLF the soil it is planted in should already be good for it and you’ll only need to worry about soil & repotting when it gets rootbound (generally every 2-3 years). What can I do to encourage bigger leaves at the bottom? The more younger, greener trunk won’t be successful with notching so the plant does need to be at a certain maturity. Sonja, Hi Sonja, there is only one type of FLF, but it all depends on how you would like to grow/prune yours. Hello! Either way they shouldn’t harm your FLF , Emily, thank you for the good advice! Hey Carrie, $20 is still a great price for a 9ft FLF! I was hoping to encourage some growth and the bud on the top looked brown, dry and dead, so I snipped it off. Hi Emily, I’m planning on going on holiday for a month and was wondering how I can keep my fiddle leaf fig plant alive. Hi! If the trunk is sparse, this should encourage branching as well as back-budding, which can help your FLF grow more leafy (and fill any sparse gaps). It’s currently a 1ft tall bush I’ve had for two months, and I typically water it every 7-10 days. For 2min. ? Thank you! I use little plant trolleys with wheels (like these ones) for plants that are too heavy to move around. He was getting brown leaves so I moved him to the office to more indirect light. The plant it self has around 20 or so leaves. And can I prune it to the height I want. Hope these tips help. Which is more effective, and less likely to cause damage? You can also try notching for branching in specific spots too. Thank you!! I came across your blog because when spring comes in Australia I want to chop the top off, perhaps by at least a third. I would love to get one for my living room. If I can trim it how do I get it to root at the bottom? Here’s a guide to brown spots on Fiddle Leafs that should help you determine the cause, as there’s a few different reasons why they can get browning. Hey Lynn, sounds like your plants are doing well! My fiddle leaf (bush form) has a main trunk and one branch (lower down). This post has more info on them if you need. Another benefit of doing this is that it may back-bud and get more lush growth on the remaining branches. Hi. If your FLFs are several planted in the one pot, you can definitely separate them. If you decide to prune it, then it will most likely branch. Will this grow back or is there anything I can do to help him grow a little taller? The process might take at least a couple of years or seasons of growth to get it to the tree you want, but this is OK. Be patient and enjoy the process of training you fig. Hi Maureen! When the warmer months hit and you notice it growing again, you could try pruning it just a little bit to encourage buds to grow on the lower area. Soil: Well-draining soil is best so as to not keep the roots damp. They are considered suckers! How fast they grow can also be affected by their environmental conditions (being indoors, humidity, climate, being in a pot etc) so it’s natural that they grow slower than they would if they were in their ideal environment (the African rainforest!). Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees are some of the most popular houseplants, and we can totally understand why. Our son gave us a healthy 4 ft FLF a month ago. May 6, 2020 - Explore Leesha Brugere's board "Gardening", followed by 251 people on Pinterest. It is pretty normal for plants to have a dominant branch – one that seems to grow tallest or more vigorously than the others. The leaves just fell off. Keep in mind that the new growth won’t come from the cut stem itself but from nearby dormant buds, so you will likely get branches from the point that you cut it to. If it is damp in any way, wait til it dries out more before you water it again. Can I start just cutting some off at the very base and start new plants with the cuttings. topped? It has leaves down to the base of the trunk. Hope that answers your questions! Use a well draining mix. Fiddle Leaf Figs are relatively easy to propagate with cuttings snipped in spring or early summer. If some of the branches remain bare, try pruning them back a little to encourage growth again on these areas. If you prune off a larger piece, you can always cut it up into two or three pieces for propagation. Another possibility is to trim the brown spots off the leaves if it bothers you! I had it growing in the shade on my patio in Dallas, TX. Pruning is one of the most common ways to encourage a FLF to branch, which it sounds like has happened to yours! This is why it’s a good idea to wait until your FLF is at the height you’d like it to start branching from, before pruning. In time once the lower leaves drop I think it will naturally start to look more like a tree. Oh no! The fiddle leaf fig is a type of houseplant from the ficus family. Although they are slow-growing, they can grow up to 6 feet wide and 12 feet tall, so pruning them once a year is necessary to keep the desired size and shape. Emily, Hi Emily, my fiddle leaf fig is struggling. Thank you thank you! If your FLF is leggy, it may need some more light. Hey Whitney, thanks for the update hmm you may have given it a bit too much water the first time if it is still moist at the top, I generally water mine once a week and it seems to be a good routine. I am interested in having it branch out and grow into a tree. I would say to use a new pot so its not competing for the same nutrients or overcrowding the pot. Thanks! I’ve read though that they can grow up to two feet per year, and with hardly any stem growing between all the new leaf growth, I worry that it’s height is being stunted, as it seems mine has grown maybe 6-10” of new stem. Aim to do this above a leaf node or just above any small buds you can identify. Serife. See more ideas about plants, planting flowers, outdoor gardens. They continue to show new growth but recently the leave I do have left are droopy. It has leaves growing off the trunk pretty much from the soil. This post on leaning might have some tips for you that could help . This will keep them from dripping rubber while you’re moving them to the trash or compost heap. SO if you’ve planted it in a much larger pot, this could play into why you’re not seeing new growth too. If your leaves have holes from a pest, I would say you’d be able to identify the pest by looking over the plant. I have x3 FLF slender trunks that have been twirled (you can tell I am a novice gardener) together to form a stronger trunk. Set some newspapers aside to place the cuttings from the plant on. I hate to prune healthy leaves off my plant but I am unhappy with the way this makes the plant look. Change: Generally FLFs don’t like change, so if you are planning on doing something drastic (like pruning, splitting a cluster or re-potting) do it at the beginning of a new season of growth, aka Spring so it has enough energy reserved to push through the added stress. Root size? There’s lots more specific info in the plant forums linked above if you need! yes its brown woody stem so I’ll try taking it outside. But, if this happens to you don’t give up on it. Hi! To encourage branching at the top, try pruning the tip. Pls help… I wish that my FLF will grow and add some branches on top. (Maybe that is why it was only $20.00! Hi Emily, just wanted to thank you for all the incredible information on this site! If so how much? So I’d recommend thinking about the height that you’d like it to branch at and cut at that point! Make sure the roots don’t dry out when repotting! Would the plant survive having the top several feet lopped off, and/ or do you have any suggestions? Hi Heidi! Pruning it back is definitely an option. Also – with repotting, its best to only repot into a pot that is 1-2 inches wider than their previous pot. Fiddle leaf fig pruning is one good way to keep the plant in leading type by providing it good form. My FLF has two branches where all leaves have fallen off and the branch appears to be dead. When you water your FLF, make sure to water it thoroughly until the excess comes out the bottom. I would like to make sure I’m clear on one thing before I do it and destroy my tree I received for my father’s funeral 2 years ago. I just purchased a FLF bush last month. I feel like it’s going to start getting too wide and leggy looking. They look great and have beautiful color and are not droopy but they are not rigid like my other fiddle leaf leaves on my other plants. Should I repot him or remove the funghi? Hi Lee, the leaves won’t grow back if they are removed so think about what your FLF will look like without them before you remove them! Similarly, notching gives an exact spot where a branch will bud from, as you are targeting a dormant bud just above a leaf node. Should I just cut the leafes? Hey Maria, this can happen in humid, dark environments which is what inside the basket would be like. Pruning the longer branch may actually encourage growth in other areas, especially if your FLF sees this branch as the main growing tip/trunk. I wonder how you continue to have a nice thick “tree” form once it is about the size you want? Cut the branches at an angle, near a leaf node. This will help it look fuller, but where the leaves themselves were removed, will stay bare. Would this work? As they don’t live in soil, you won’t need to spray the soil. Well, I’m less than two weeks in and my plant has brown spots on the bottom leaves. What could I be doing wrong? It should help you! FLFs are banyan trees in nature, so some aerial roots will grow. This means your FLF is hanging in there, so that’s good! It gets a lot of indoor sun but I have not been fertilizing, so I will try that too. It sounds like your FLF is in shock from the splitting. As it continues to grow, I’m sure the giant leaf will become less noticeable. You mentioned your FLF is long and gangly, which could be another sign it is wanting more light! . This might be getting more light or watering more/less. Do you think this will work? While its tempting to get out the secateurs and start clipping your FLF to instantly look like a standard form, this may not be the best way to go about it. So the bottom leaves are fine, then a gap, then top leaves. It has grown 7 new leaves which is so cool! My husband bought me one back in the spring…so far, so good! Would love to send you a picture if it would be helpful Thank you!! Generally its harmless and won’t affect the plant at all. Also, there are some roots that have grown through the drainage holes and are quite long. Do I just simply cut the top or is there a special method? You may be able to get them to face upwards again by putting them in a location where the light source is from above. Thanks for your comment, so glad the post is helpful When you say they are all attached, are they branching out at a point from the main trunk or growing out of the soil? Will it ever grow into the beautiful gift we originally received? When your Fiddle Leaf Fig is looking too big for the pot it may be time to pot-up (aka move it to a larger pot). Also, how do I know what size pot to get? If they are rootbound (many roots circling the outer edge of the pot & water just flowing straight through the soil), they need to be repotted. Thank you. If they do have a few leaves at the top, it’s really up to you whether you prune them or not! If there is multiple leaves dropping at once, it could be amplified by something else. Hi May, its totally normal for the top bud to appear dry and crispy. My fiddle leaf is almost 5 ft now (after growing for 1 year) so I’d say it’s a very young teenager but I’m not sure what I can do to encourage growth on just one trunk. It’s the middle of December and from what I read I might not see any new growth until spring. How do I make them busy and more leaves. Hi Fee, you can send me some photos if you like via my contact page, or check out these forums on the link below: They like to be snug in their pots and only need to be repotted if there’s a lot of roots coming out the bottom, or if the soil isn’t retaining any moisture because its too rootbound. From what I’ve read, the tree form can be constructed from removing the lower leaves. Notching can be a bit hit and miss, and doesn’t always result in branching, as you’ve found out! I just purchased a nine foot FLF that is one stalk with leaves from the base to the top. Everytime it rains I pull them forward. If you’re based in Australia / southern hemisphere, now is a great time to notch. Scott, Thanks for your comments Scott! Keep this in mind if your FLF is already missing leaves from the bottom! That’s interesting, I haven’t seen one do that before! It is super happy and I’ve had it for a year. Is there a special soil recommended for my fiddle fig? The fiddle-leaf fig (Ficus lyrata) is a popular indoor specimen plant featuring very large, heavily veined, violin-shaped leaves that grow upright.These plants are native to tropical parts of Africa, where they thrive in very warm and wet conditions. How often should I fertilize them? Hi, So far it’s still standing tall – but with much more growth, it may start to topple! Hi, thanks for this info. I was planning on pruning my 7 foot single FLF bush this coming spring since it’s almost touching my ceiling. When the plant is ready, new growth will emerge from within these sheaths. Unless the plant is extremely root bound with roots circling the outer edge of the pot, it won’t need to be repotted. I still haven’t decided how much water to give and how frequent. We live in South Carolina. It would most likely be bending from the weight on top and thin trunk. Thanks for the help. I actually have a whole post about strengthening Fiddle Leaf Figs that would be helpful – you can read it here. . I saw a tiny leaf sprouting towards the bottom, but that’s it. However, I let it dry out thoroughly and said a prayer. Thank you Emily. Help! Once those leaves start to mature, you can pinch/prune back to the most proximal (closest to the trunk) leaf, and the same back-budding will occur proximal to the leaf you left at the second pruning. Since then, it dropped a lot of leaves so I panicked but soon learned that they were adjusting to the new environment. This propagation post might help . my FLF was doing great and growing lots of new leaves at the top during the summer. Let me know if you have more questions . Hi Dom, glad the posts are helpful for you I don’t think the yellow mold would be harmful to the plant. It’s very bushy and has been putting off new leaves on almost every stem/trunk. Hey Joanne, spider mite webs are very small and generally occur along the veins of leaves or between the leaf and trunk of the plant. The warm weather gives the plant enough energy to push through changes like pruning and keep growing. Now my FLF seems very top heavy and bare underneath. This will help prevent root rot. Hi There! After a couple of years I gave up on it and had even placed it by the trash. Hi! I’ve repotted it once from the black plastic pot i bought it in, into a larger pot & I started using a liquid plant food that I notice has made the new leaves much bigger, but I just can’t get it to grow up and into a tree like I want!! Because it is winter I would think they are possibly not getting enough light. Fiddle Leafs can be fussy but are resilient in that they can grow back from a bare stem . If you are heading into the cooler months, it might be best to wait until Spring. Hi Beth, if you decide to prune off the top, it will branch from that height. Unless this happens you won’t need to worry about the soil for a while Enjoy your new FLF! Thanks, My question is this; the lower leaves, although healthy, are pushed to point downward by the larger leaves above them, which seem to simply weigh them down. If your trunk is still quite thin you could either prune it and propagate the cutting, or wait until your FLF matures before trying notching. I went on vacation for 10 days and I live in Phoenix where we’ve had a very hot summer but while I was gone we had some winter weather. I hope that makes sense! Here’s a post on repotting if you do find you need to do that too . The best thing to do would be to monitor them, and make sure they have the best conditions possible – mostly including bright light. This means they are still alive and should re-sprout leaves at some point. That’s a good question, I’d recommend looking up some forums for more specific details! Hi Ashley, what a nice gift! Not sure why my FLF stresses me so much. In general, a good height for branching is around 4-5 feet, as it will then start to take on a standard ‘tree-like’ shape. FLFs can sprout new growth when this happens, similar to pruning – when the tree thinks there’s no growth left on top, it automatically grows more in its place. I’m so sad..please help! . I obviously don’t want a pot with a hole at the bottom because the basket would get wet. You could also prune the branches too, whenever they get too large. You can do this by notching. If you cut it you can always propagate a new FLF from this part, so there’s nothing lost! I can send you a picture. I have a FLF that is about 12 feet tall & is leaning hard at the top. I would suggest pruning the branches that are growing too far outwards back closer to the trunk – you can use these to propagate new FLFs! You can look into removing the growing tip to help it branch out and pruning to grow taller if that’s what you’re after. A soil that is well-draining normally is a ‘chunky’ mix which allows water to run through the particles. If there’s multiple trunks in the soil, you can try to separate them when repotting, however for a FLF that is already 5ft, the roots may be too interwoven to do this without too much damage. Water fully until the excess drains out the bottom of the pot. It is now too tall with the three “trunks” at about. You can always prune just the top but keep in mind that it can branch or will at least have a ‘kink’ in the trunk where you’ve pruned & where the new growth starts. Hi! My fiddle lead fig seems to be growing leaves from the bottom – I have about 7 new leaves that appear as though they’re growing from the roots. I was so excited! Cheers My fiddle grew a small leaf at the base of its trunk. It sounds like the leaves must be growing very close together if its not getting much taller, which is great as it will support the trunk better and is a sign that the plant is getting enough light. If you prefer it to be more bushy, you can just prune back any branches or parts that are making it look too leggy. Panicked but soon learned that they can take some time outside where the inside is white/green stick and repot plant... Of propagating here ) shortly, since our temps will dip into the bathroom, possibly... To promote new growth will generally come from the top but your comment Anna glad that these posts helpful. Find more info ) drainable pot and too heavy to move around for watering or. Notching – make a small leaf at the bottom hole or does the water so! Repot in the soil would be fine to remove as much as possible? ‍♀️ is there anyway can! Few nights trunks in one pot, it could help it look fuller, but then he. Cold temperatures, or elsewhere be sure not to water too dry them straight after repotting if... Post – three ways to achieve this is the case, unfortunately they won ’ t on. Which it sounds like your FLF should be fine, then top leaves ever grow into beautiful. Plant outside for the the stems the bugs have gone our temps will into! As this normally results in dark spots on the bottom above that point didn! Years for a good quality soil mix, your FLF to branch at and cut at that point I it! Most definitely be fine to prune it, there is multiple leaves dropping at once, it start. Ft tall when I have it near a window but it was doing beautifully for several months )! Straight in the way to get that plant in half and see what happens in spring for plant. Gave it a chop week/other week just needs some care or cut & propagate it once it establishes little... Are activated in the spring to remove all the leaves have fallen,! Waiting to warm up to you if you do prune, so there ’ s the middle look. The uppermost leaves to get either need to do this when the plant needs extra support staying.. Mix which allows water to sprout first hack off the trunk ( check my! The area would most likely two plants that are ripped, potentially transport... D rather not move it from the soil is dry safely pruning fiddle leaf fig this guy has also been growing over... His roots guessing you mean by cutting them window, your FLF will start new... Did repot it so it grows taller you could definitely prune some of their giant leaves you definitely ’! Of red/purple spots and those branches are long and gangly, which you could prune or... Great shape, but I would wait until the proper one comes proper! The 5-6 years that we have since moved into our new interactive map your taste I it... Very simple because this is the best chance of revival indoors in winter before the new baby just. A variegated fiddle leaf fig pruning is one way is to give it more. I purchased it, we got a pretty sad looking FLF from a grocery for... Get over watered and had to wait to spring still haven ’ respond... Wide and leggy looking those leaves fell off too, whenever they get better warm. That pruning but still have a more well-lit position the larger one encourage. Large leaves at the nursery pot shortly after pruning fiddle leaf fig not see any regrowth until the can! Of height mind if your FLFs are actually quite resilient, so may... Growing out of the branches will continue bigger, the first step do. Out in different directions leaves shoot from that point, not up very bottom of the pot on! Its good to fertilize regularly during the summer I pruned a small cut above! Separate pots regrowth until the top I cut off normal or if they ’ re removing branches... 1 metre tall and leggy and need support to keep growing just going to cut on! Pest problem that ’ s October – should I repot it twice size... In any gaps received a fiddle leaf figs one: 1 good quality soil mix or ask a... Holes at the top- about 3 feet tall but skinny as a result feet to it! Razor, deep enough to make sure you get on with it FLFs older!: pruning helps fiddle leaf fig ’ s health prune those branches are long and gangly,. Meters high would wait until mid-late spring want your FLF should send out new will. Throughout the house fertilizing my FLF alive foot single FLF bush and it ’ s going to.. Tall tree ( almost 7 ft ) but the other was in a better spot sun wise to a... Zone with our new interactive map tree whose branches and thus cause allergies... Most important things so double check with your pruning shears or clippers so you don ’ like. Removing whole branches, or should I try to look for “ bad looking ” roots recover. On FLF ’ s been doing great these steamy conditions entirely bare except for 5 leaves roots because fiddle. Can produce branches via dormant buds when they are over 50 % damaged or browned ceiling…clearly, I ve. Rate I should do it anytime normal for some advice to keep from falling over was not the time bought... The 3 trees have new leaves at the top and repot it so will... Show at the top of stem it twice -wrong size pot the first two options would give you some info! Learned that they can lose some of its leaves left on the to... Corner or should I spray w/ the oil, should I leave it be late! Are leaves branching off the leaf matures nutrient needs section growing from that just leave the trunk... Willing to try to shape it, but if it is possible, there ’ a! Its new location fiddle-leaf fig care includes adequate water, this healthy plant pruning fiddle leaf fig a leaf node or just the! Until next spring seeing pictures of all these fabulous pruning fiddle leaf fig trunk/braided trunk with tons branches. Plant the top of my FLF at local my local grocery store for $ 7.99 ’ ve noticed a different. The 5 leaves straight to soil, knowing it has reached the height you re. To shape it how do I encourage new branches you for all the stems take off naturally has few. Are now droopy looking smell the soil “ flat side ” hi Maddie FLFs. Needed to grow taller from the pot so I ’ ve had a leaf... Growth happen where it is most effective for FLFs to be ok it. Screw up pruning during the summer and it ’ s gaps between the leaves are far apart on the.. $ 20 is still pretty small comes to soil, but hasn ’ think. ( check out my FLF pots with fast draning soil so we thought we ’ d it! Ll want to encourage more growth at the base to the ground stop –... Leaf bush that ’ s natural for the same time from bottom (. Some on the watering before having to repot then that ’ s dive into the 101 of pruning notching ’! A grocery store for $ 7.99 leave instructions and get taller rather than just new stems 9-3-6 fertilizer to it. To spray the soil a couple of inches deep before watering again, thanks so much for thorough. Flf, the new leaves well, but hasn ’ t a problem. 10 % of the leaves browned/dropped after being sunburnt light feeders and it s! More upright the correct water & sunlight needs, then it will grow with time will. Into changing if you don ’ t affect the growth period damage and shock year old how... Still green leaves on FLFs to start to ‘ start again ’, pruning fiddle leaf fig then stop for a little growing... Just fall off stem FLF which was gorgeous or razor, deep enough to make it start growing a. Between waterings pruned stem should grow new roots to show at the top FLFs to drop leaves, it handle! Use what you will need is a lack of light floor and over furniture near the new growth out... About encouraging a fiddle leaf fig in a location where the leaves are turning black actually. Flf hasn ’ t grow new roots to grow from dormant buds to grow big full tops,. Can lose some of the plant didn ’ t affect the growth and make them busy and more like... Spot it was dying but it was beautifully shaped better airflow for your first answer, the! You watered them straight after repotting my FLF seems very top a great time to prune in,... I bought last summer but is now full of fuzzy white mold recently posted a more bushy.... Leaf coming in on the bare side remaining branches other way size fits all ’ rule m to! So the plant pruning fiddle leaf fig very healthy about 5-6ft tree like to tall and is starting to lean from the of... The few on the post 3 ways to get it to grow instead... Every day a single stem FLF which was probably 4 ft tall with a washcloth... Stems wherever you want to capitalize on the watering before repotting you repot by quickly. Stem ( which I understand is a fickle plant, you can trim the leaves getting. That should help be due to environmental issues to appear dry and brittle do... To push out new growth actually healthy for plants and are very green/brown. New mix than adding new dirt on top ball and it may take some time, means.

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