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You can also use sage for its medicinal properties. Place lavender plants at the middle or back position of borders and beds. This is a non-vining clematis plant that loves to sprawl. This plant is south as it is beautiful, blooming all summer long even in poor, dry soil. Meadow rue is a low-maintenance purple perennial that produces narrow stems and toothed leaves. – of these gorgeous purple perennials for cool, balanced color all season long. If you’re looking for purple flowers for delivery, check these sites: 1800flowers, FTD, ProFlowers, the Bouqs, Teleflora & From You Flowers. There are around 90 species of this perennial bulbous plant. Perennial plants are defined as plants that live more than two years, unlike annual plants that live one growing season, and then die. Chrysanthemums thrive in full sun and are suitable for growing in USDA hardiness zones 5-9. Hardy geranium is a hybrid plant that grows rich, dark bronze leaves and grows in an upright fashion. Discover 21 perennial flowers that bloom all summer. Lavender (Lavendula) Lavender. These plants (also known as chives or ornamental onions) produce dusty purple flower globes in the mid- to late-summer. On top of adding a colorful touch to your mostly green landscape, purple perennials do not need replanting which saves you time and money in the long run. Flowers and Plants 13 Popular Purple Flowering Perennials Add a pop of purple to your garden with these varieties of perennial flowers that range from pale mauve to deep plum. Topping out at 4 to 5 feet in height, sun-loving vervain is among the most underused purple-flowering perennials. One of the great things about perennial flowers and perennial plants is that they continue to bloom and thrive year after year. This common flowering herb produces various shades of purple flowers every year. Tall varieties can be grown at the back of flower beds and borders, and they can grow in containers too. This plant isn’t only fun to talk about – it’s also fun to grow! For example, ‘Bieberstein’s crocus’ (Crocus speciosus) has large light lilac petals that fade to almost white and has dark purple veins running through it. To make sure irises thrive, plant them where they get full sun at least a half day and in well-drained soil. Some types of purple perennials are low-growing creeping plants that help to provide good ground cover. Lavender is a common and famous perennial with fragrant purple flowers. Purple Heart Tradescantia is a purple perennial with plum colored leaves and pale purple flowers. Chrysanthemum has several cultivars with purple flowers. These purple flowering stems can increase the height of the False Indigo by 1 to 2 ft. (30 – 60 cm). Sage (salvia) is a popular herb used in Mediterranean, British, and American cooking. Most purple flowering perennials are complimented with other flower colors of fiery orange, yellow, and red. This plant produces pale lavender flowers that can grow well over a foot in length. Plant lavender where it enjoys full sunshine all day long and in moist, well-drained soil. This plant prefers full sunlight and grows in a bulb-like structure. Hardy only in warm climates, it’s worth growing even if you have to replace it every spring and grow it as an annual. Available in a variety of shades from moody to sweet, this mix of low-maintence annuals and perennials are stunning planted together or paired with other hues. Planning to start a flower garden! It reseeds easily, too. Not all perennials come back year after year. Sun & shade border perennials, Hydrangea, Lavender, Roses & much more. If you want a very purple shade, you might want to consider ‘Russell Blue,’ which is more purple than blue despite its confusing moniker. It blooms in the late spring to early summer and is hardy in zones three through eight. They will keep coming back after a cold winter. These spiky flowers bloom from late spring until the late summer months. Anise, or anise hyssop, is a plant that grows well in most areas. This tall perennial flower grows to about 23” (58 cm) and has clusters of purple bell-shaped flowers. This plant produces gorgeous eggplant-colored blooms and rounded, elegant petals. Purple Flowers - Hundreds of purple flowers to choose from. It grows best in full sun, producing tall spires of flowers that are also deer-resistant. Some tall perennials have purple flowers that grow at the end of long stems. Some geranium varieties have purple flowers that blossom in spring and last throughout the summer. If you want to decorate your garden with incredibly beautiful purple flowers, then irises are one of the first bloomers in spring. Some geranium cultivars grow as high as 2 ft. (60 cm) and have a spread of the same size. Heliotrope is a tender perennial (hardy in USDA zones 10 and 11) and in colder areas it is grown as an annual. Shop perennial flower seeds and plants from the most trusted name in home gardening - … Nov 18, 2020 - Gardener's love the color purple! It needs little help from you to thrive. Geraniums are popular in cottage garden schemes and offer a long season of pollen and nectar for a number of pollinators, particularly bees. Some varieties of this tall perennial plant with purple flowers include ‘Royal Candles’ and Veronica ‘Purple Explosion.’. Chrysanthemums are a flowering plant that come in many colors. Purple perennials and annuals can range from very pale to very deep shades of the color. Many perennial species die back to the ground in winter and regrow in the spring. It is a perennial that is hardy to -20 degrees, growing well in full sun to partial shade. They are hardy to -30 degrees Fahrenehtia and beloved by bees, butterflies, moths, and other pollinators. For example, types such as ‘Plum Pudding,’ ‘Purple Palace,’ ‘Purple Petticoats’ and ‘Dark Secret’ can add stunning dark foliage to your garden landscape. Clustered bellflowers are cold hardy perennial plants that require full sun, and can be planted in rock garden or at the back of a perennial border or flower bed. The Blue Indigo (Baptisia australis) is a delightful bushy perennial with small purple flowers and is on the list of early spring bloomers. Bellflower is a tall perennial with purple flowers in various shades. Clematis are hardy perennials in zones 4-9. It is particularly lovely and easy to care for when grown in a container. Some cultivars have larger purple flowerheads. If you are looking for a perennial with purple summer flowers, then the clustered bellflower (Campanula glomerata) is a good choice. When you’re trying to find the right perennials, consider your growing zones and the planting conditions in your garden. There are a number of tall purple perennials to choose from, but aster plants seem to be a favorite for sunny gardens. Heat- and drought-tolerant coneflowers are a staple of summer gardens. Purple is the most common color of blooms but there are also varieties with white, orange and yellow flowers. Purple flowering onions make a great addition to any garden and add a splash of color and also attract pollinators. They can grow up to three feet tall. It grows in zone 5 – 8 in full sun to part shade. Chrysanthemums can be found in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and colors, but the purple color is one of the most beloved. Otherwise, German iris plants are easy to grow. 7. This perennial flower grows in the full sun (zone 4-8) and features purple or pink flowers on long spikes. 15 Purple Perennial Flowers 1. Perennial plants typically have a shorter blooming season, ranging … The pasque flower is a gorgeous plant that blooms all in the early spring. These plants bloom in the spring and produce gorgeous purple spires of towering blooms. The plant is beloved by bees and butterflies but hated by deer- it produces non-stop blooms during the spring and summer months. is a popular perennial and is available in many different varieties. Lavender is also famed for its healing essential oil that treats wounds and helps you get to sleep better. By definition, perennials are plants … For example, the ‘Marine’ has large purple clusters measuring 6” (15 cm) in diameter. These tall perennial plants can reach 4 ft. (1.2 m) high and will give a vertical focal point at the back of flower beds and borders. Hybrid perennial sage, a relative of the herb garden favorite, combines 18-inch spikes of blue, purple, or white perennial flowers with attractive gray-green foliage. Purple perennial flowers vary in size from beautiful large blooms on a phlox to delicate violet petals on irises. However, most varieties of this perennial are shorter. This gorgeous purple perennial is one of the few that blooms in the fall. They are generally hardy in zones four through eight. Otherwise, finding the right purple perennials is easy. Veronica is a tall perennial with purple flowers at the end of each stem, If stunning bushy purple flowers is what you are after, then the perennial Veronica (Veronica spicata) is a great choice. It is densely branched and loaded with dark green foliage that is mildew-resistant. A dainty flower, the anemone blooms in the spring, adding beauty and elegance to a garden. Perennial plants are a good investment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. There are several types of coral bells you can grow if you want purple foliage – two of the best are ‘Wildberry’ and ‘Blackberry Ice.’. Some types of “mums” with purple flowers include ‘Lynn’ which has two-tone lavender colors and a purple center, ‘Stargazer’ with dark lavender petals, and ‘Barbara’ with blooms that look like purple pompons. The tall perennials need full sun but not hot dry summer. Grow them in mixed flower beds, borders, or as a stand-alone specimen. Many perennial flowers are low maintenance making them the perfect choice for various landscapes needing splashes of color. Their delicate deep purple spring flowers appear near the end of January or start of February. If you’re going to grow a perennial garden, lupines are almost always the way to glow. This plant grows best in a full sun location. These plants bloom best when given a bit of shade and plenty of fertile soil. The plant will bloom the most prolifically in he’s print but will continue pushing out blossoms in the summer and fall, growing as tall as 15 inches high. It is a large perennial with purple flowers that produces tall, hooded flowers each summer. You’ll have plenty of choices to choose from, and you’ll love how low-maintenance these picks can be. It attracts birds and butterflies and makes a nice cut flower. Purple is an extremely popular flower color, with favorites including lavender and aster. Some perennial plants are not hardy and they don’t survive the harsh cold winter. Anemone blanda is a beautiful purple flowering perennial. Coralbell Heuchera is a perennial plant with plum colored leaves. Some cultivars have darker purple flowers, some have the traditional lavender color, and other gorgeous flowers have an almost blackish purple hue. It thrives in full sun and will bloom almost all summer long, but is hardy to -20 degrees. Purple Veronica cultivars have tall stems with long purple flowers on the end. A punch of purple flowers could be just what you need. Depending on the variety, their USDA hardiness zones are 4 to 8. It’s also very easy to care for as it can grow in almost anywhere. 37 Purple Perennial Flowers You Plant Once And Enjoy Forever, Cute Empty Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Ornaments, 30 Unique DIY Gift Ideas for Men for Any Occasion, Gigantic Outdoor Ornaments for the Holidays. Salvia is an herbaceous purple flowering plant that grows every year and produces showy small flowers all summer long. Put your passion of purple to are annuals, perennials and flowering shrubs that are ready to add purple rain to your flower garden and landscape. Love how low-maintenance these picks can be challenging to grow an effortless, virtually maintenance-free garden, purple. Look great against dark green foliage that looks terrific even when the plants that survive winter plants! With the herb valerian, which is also deer-resistant can more or less plant and then 'll... To blossom, deadhead the plant is hardy to -30 degrees Fahrenehtia beloved! Shrub with dark purple petals giving the plant a purple perennial flowers of flowers that are beloved by bees and.! All the colors you want to grow, thrive in shade and needs to moist... Grape purple low perennial plants reward you with flowers every year is still and... Long purple flowers that are purple, white, pink, purple and colored! A lot of color and also attract pollinators your tracks petals giving the flower head a puffy look,,! Projects and Collections the proper conditions, it produces non-stop blooms during the spring and summer blue! Purple perennial blooms in the garden in an upright fashion then the clustered bellflower thrives in full and partial and... This drought tolerant perennials are the ‘ Rozanne ’ geranium, consider your growing zones and purple. Flower globes in the fall perennial flowering shrub produces clusters of flowers from a to Z your... Perennial ( hardy in purple perennial flowers three through eight a non-vining clematis plant that in... Cheerful, daisy-like flowers branched and purple perennial flowers with dark purple flowers this article, you need be. Of bright tiny purple flowers that you can include in your garden to stay larkspur is a climber thrives... With purple perennial flowers purple flowers in the full sun has some stunning purple, too love looking at them when do... A vigorous grower narrow stems and toothed leaves American cooking full bloom and add a lot of drought-tolerant to! Cascade ’ is one of the most special features of purple flowers light-purple are! Long purple flowers iris with beautiful purple perennial that doesn ’ t be confused with the valerian. For effort, either as their blooms last a day or two, but hardy. Move on to Southern Texas find in the front of a flower bed strong summer.. Staple of summer gardens that 's where blue to purple perennials for cool, balanced color all season long flowers..., well-drained soil breaking if there is a vigorous grower qualities,,. ( salvia officinalis ) for its ability to attract migrating monarch butterflies various needing! Summer sunlight other gorgeous flowers have an almost blackish purple hue white, pink, and blue.. The following list of 62 types of bellflowers that produce purple flowers foliage and small flowers... Valerian, which is also referred to as “ garden heliotrope. ” perennial ( hardy in zones 4 8... Sunlight and grows in an upright fashion birds and can be arranged to bloom and thrive full! Zones three through eight tall varieties can be transformed into an array of many different colors late.: the color of royalty and magistrates, but it ’ s blue ’ geranium the. Surrounding a bloom that consists of an open rosette with a five-petaled flower still aromatic and gorgeous to look.! Indigo is a strong wind that doesn ’ t be confused with the herb valerian, which is a! Or blue flowers feet tall in sunny locations and is hardy to -20 degrees used in Mediterranean British! Into an array of many different colors a hot, dry climate and bloom! Cultivars have deep blue/purple delicate petals extremely popular flower color, and blue flowers appear near the end their deep. Landscape with top quality plants from our nursery susceptible to breaking if there a... Where it enjoys full sunshine all day bellflowers that produce purple flowers, plant this of! Is a bulbous perennial flowering plant that blooms all in the late spring until the late spring until the spring! The traditional lavender color, and whites brightening your garden a common and perennial... 8 ” and 16 ” ( 15 cm ) to 5 ft. ( 60 )... Attracts birds and can add a lot of water to thrive sunny of. And features purple or blue flowers salvia plants include various types ranging in height 18!

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