At New Vision, we believe that it’s important to invest and mentor students. We offer a variety of ways for students to connect with God and each other. Meet with us on Sundays from 2:30pm-4pm for student worship.

Upcoming events:

on Saturday September 23, we will meet at Skyzone in Newnan at 1pm for two hours of bouncing fun! Please go online and purchase your tickets and fill out the waiver form at this address: https://www.skyzone.com/

Sunday September 24 we are going bowling as a church family. We will meet at Fun Bowl in Fayetteville at 1pm. This will serve as our regular UTH activity for the day.



September 27 we will gather at Star’s Mill High School Flagpole at 7am

October 5th, everyone is encouraged to at least carry their Bibles to school on this day.